CrewBoss Creates a Custom Firefighter Rehab System for Military Use

At CrewBoss they enjoy the challenge of responding to new requests for gear and equipment and understand the significance that these products have for the responder.  

When the procurement manager for Camp Lejeune (NC) first contacted to purchase berry compliant CrewBoss Fire Rehab CB-16 structures for cold weather training, they were thrilled. CrewBoss enjoys the opportunity and challenge in manufacturing 100% made in the USA berry compliant equipment.

Camp Lejeune received the Fire Rehab CB-16 tent and HVAC systems then requested a special use trailer to carry the equipment to the encampments, that’s when CrewBoss went to work designing the LMRT trailers.

LMRT stands for Light Military Rehab Trailer, built off of a flatbed style trailer that has double axels and all steel construction. The LMRT is designed to carry an HVAC, 15KW Generator and three all weather steel boxes for the CB-16’s. The LMRT design allows responders to pull up to the staging area and erect the CB-16 then join the HVAC and Generator together still on the trailer to provide heat and cooling for the shelters.

After delivery, a CrewBoss sales/training professional was sent to Camp Lejeune to ensure that everything was working properly and that all the team members where trained in operating and deploying the equipment.

The LMRT is one example of how the CrewBoss Fire Rehab team is able to start from an idea and make it a reality to better serve our customers.

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