Cyanide Antidote Cited in Saving Man’s Life After OR Fire

Portland (OR) firefighters’ valiant actions resulted in a man’s life being spared after a residential fire last March. In that they were helped by a cyanide treatment the department had acquired in recent years.

The victim, 44-year-old Daniel Cooper, was recently reunited with the firefighters who saved him, and The Oregonian ( retold the story of his rescue. It also discussed the use of the cyanide kit that helped keep him alive.

After Lieutenant Rian Minto and other firefighters pulled an unconscious Cooper from the March 2012 house fire, they pulled him out in the yard for paramedics to begin resuscitation efforts. He was suffering from severe smoke inhalation. A paramedic treating Cooper grabbed a cyanokit from the battalion chief on scene and administered the drug to him.

Cooper was in a coma for a month, and had a difficult, yearlong recovery. Of Minto, Cooper said: “He’s awfully humble, but he is a hero. Even though he was doing his job, he did it without question. He got right in there and got me off the bathroom floor.”

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For more firefighter training information on smoke inhalation, consider Toxicology of Smoke Inhalation , Cyanide: Fire Smoke’s Other “Toxic Twin”, and Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure.

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