D.C. Firefighters Reportedly Failed to Aid Dying Man

Two employees of the D.C. fire department have been suspended without pay in the case of a man who died near a fire station.

The victim, 77, had collapsed in a Washington street and was being tended by his daughter. A passerby rushed across the street to bang on the door of a fire station, knowing that firefighters are trained to provide emergency medical help, but they wouldn’t leave the station, according to a CNN report (http://cnn.it/1fhy5Bt).

D.C. Council to Investigate Death Near Fire Station

The same thing happened when two more people tried to summon the firefighters for assistance, according to the victim’s daughter, who told CNN that a firefighter said he needed to be dispatched before providing aid.The victim later died; he had suffered an apparent heart attack.

The mayor of the District of Columbia said he’s enraged that city firefighters didn’t come to the man’s aid.

Read more about this developing case at http://cnn.it/1fhy5Bt.

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