D.C.’s Subway Third Rail Power Turned on During Fire Incident

WUSA-TV in Washington reports that DC Fire and EMS Department firefighters were surprised when third rail power came up and trains started moving while they were still handling a small fire on the track at the Foggy Bottom Station, reports statter911.com.

Communications between Metro’s Rail Operations Control Center (ROCC) and area fire departments is a decades old problem.

Recently, area fire chiefs were able to get Metro to fund a fire department liaison officer to staff Metro’s ROCC part of the day. But that’s hit or miss. Considering the chaos the National Transportation Board found at the ROCC during the deadly January 12 fire at L’Enfant Plaza , a fire department official should be in place any time trains are running.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/1kcVIUn

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