Dallas Fire Chief Address Report in Firefighter Death

Sixteen months after Dallas firefighter Stan Wilson died when a burning building collapsed on him, the Dallas Fire and Rescue Department addressed a recently released report, reports CBS DFW.

“Unfortunately, this investigation …revealed that DFR firefighters failed to take actions that possibly contributed to Stan Wilson perishing in this fire,” Fire Chief Louie Bright said in a press conference, described by CBS DFW as “tension-charged.”

After reading a statement, Bright left the room without taking questions from reporters, leading to a scuffle with a fire department spokesman when one reporter tried to follow the chief out.

Although there was a breakdown in communications, and multiple mistakes made by fire commanders at the scene, Bright said no one would be disciplined.

Instead, he said, “the investigation clearly identified the need to change the way we do business in areas of training, along with fire strategies and tactics.”

The long-awaited report finds what CBS 11’s I-Team has been investigating for more than a year – that there was confusion among top fire supervisors at the scene.

Read more of the story and the full report here http://cbsloc.al/1qjNvJ6

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