Denver Fire Chief Stabbed Near Fire Station

Denver Fire Department Chief Eric Tade was stabbed while driving near the fire station, reports

Officers say a female suspect climbed into Tade’s unmarked SUV at Colfax Avenue and Speer Boulevard around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Tade immediately jumped out of his SUV and walked to the fire station for help. He was treated there for a stab wound on his hand and small wound on his right leg, before going to Denver Health. Injuries are considered minor and the fire department expects the chief will make a full recovery.

The SUV continued to roll through the intersection before coming to a stop, police said.

Witnesses who saw the event led police to the suspect. She’s being held on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Denver Police couldn’t give the suspect’s age. Both police and firefighters wouldn’t speculate on a motive.

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