Detroit Chemical Plant Catches Fire

Update: Fox News ( reports that Detroit company that specializes in adhesives and paint was damaged Thursday by a fire that also forced the evacuation of surrounding homes and a nearby elementary school.

The fire started early Thursday afternoon at Chemical Technology Inc.’s offices and warehouse on the city’s east side. reported that the result of the fire was a potentially toxic plume of smoke that forced police and fire crews to evacuate a 300 meter radius around the fire. Fire officials called the fire a level 3 hazardous material situation at its peak.

Original Story: Fire personnel are unsure exactly what is providing the fuel to a ferocious fire at a chemical plant in Detroit that erupted some time prior to 3 p.m. Thursday, reports

A police officer at the scene said emergency personnel have begun evacuating some of the homes and businesses near the fire, which could be seen from miles away.

The thick, black churning smoke is pouring into the sky and flames can be seen well over the roofs of homes nearby. Wind carried the flames to the east.

A spokesman for the department said it is a hazmat situation, but did not know what chemicals are stored in the burning commercial building.

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