DICERS-VO: Protecting the Egress

By Ray McCormack

In the above video, we observe fire in the egress hallway and stairway. All appears well as water is applied from the exterior, yet the egress is on fire. DICERS-VO would rapidly protect the egress hallway and stairway in this video.

DICERS is a fire extinguishment model utilizing interior tactics to extinguish fires.


D – Detect – Detect the location of the fire
I Р Isolate РIsolation of the fire area
C – Confine – Confinement of the fire.
E – Extinguish – Extinguishment of the fire.
R – Rescue – Rescue of those effected by the fire and smoke.
S – Search – Search of the fire area and adjoining spaces.

V – Ventilation – Ventilation coordinated from within and as needed.
O – Overhaul – Overhaul of the fire area for hidden extension.

DICERS lays out the fireground with task components that are directed at operations within the interior of the fire building based on best practices and recent fire research findings. They are the principle practices used by the fire service to stabilize a fire scene and save lives.

Read all about the DICERS acronym HERE.

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