Dog Saves Florida Family from House Fire

A 9-month-old pit bull terrier who saved his family from an early morning fire was burned over as much as 30% of his body, but veterinarians said Friday they hope to send him home in two to three days, reports USA Today.

At about 2 a.m. Thursday, Onyx began barking so loudly that he awakened his family, and Trevor Myres, Sierra Plair and their two sons were able to get out of their house here safely. But when Myres found Onyx yelping on the patio outside, he noticed that the dog was on fire.

He quickly grabbed a hose and extinguished the flames on Onyx then took the hose to another section of the house where the fire had started. The Florida Fire Marshal’s office is investigating the cause of the fire, which resulted in about $5,000 damage to the couple’s house.

“I honestly do feel like if Onyx wasn’t out there, even though it’s unfortunate, anything could have happened,” Plair said. “Once it (the fire) got up to my son’s room, we wouldn’t have been able to go up there and get the kids out.”

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