Dreamliner Planes Grounded for Fire Risk

The Federal Aviation Administration issued an emergency order telling U.S. airlines to stop flying Boeing 787 Dreamliners until they can prove that batteries on board are safe, reports USA Today.

It’s a major blow for Boeing and its sophisticated new jetliner that’s made largely from lightweight carbon composite material, which allows airlines.to save on fuel and which passengers like for its airy cabins.

The action came the same day a smoldering battery forced the emergency landing in Japan of an All Nippon Airways plane. That incident followed a fire Jan. 7 aboard an empty Japan Airlines 787 at Boston’s Logan airport.

The 787 relies on electricity more than other planes, so the problems with its power system go to the heart of the plane’s design.

Read more of the story here http://usat.ly/RZWHHp

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