Drill Of The Week: Collapse Indicators And Actions

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The exterior of a building involved with fire is just as dangerous as the interior, as are the chances of injury or death following a collapse of the building. Communication between exterior and interior officers is critical taking action if collapse indicators are present. Becoming experts in building construction is one way to become proficient in predicting when a collapse might occur. Firefighters operating inside the structure also must be proficient in identifying indicators of building collapse. It could be the difference between them surviving a collapse or perishing in one. History has proven that structural collapse often results in multiple firefighter injuries or fatalities.

This week’s drill includes photos to be used as discussion points during your next training session. Use the photos to identify the types of construction and what collapse indicators are present. Remember to integrate actions to address the potential of collapse that exists at any structure fire. The number of personnel inside the structure adding to the load can impact the severity and timing of a collapse.

Find the incident sample images for this drill at FriefighterCloseCalls.com.

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