Drill of the Week: Tap Into Veterans’ Knowledge Base with Quick Drills

When planning our drills, we sometimes end up putting a little too much thought into them. That is not to say that a well thought out drill is worth nothing, but sometimes we forget to tap into the vast knowledge base our veteran firefighters have amassed during their years of service, which is quick and easy. Scheduling quick discussions at the beginning of a shift, before a monthly meeting, or before routine drills makes it easy to pick a topic and let your veterans talk about what they know. The information gleaned from these discussions may even help you that day. Firefighter Martin Grube calls these discussions, “Quick Drills”, and provides four of them to help get you started.

Grube’s drills appear HERE. These are not meant to replace your regular drills but are an excellent opportunity for veterans to impart their knowledge on probies and other veterans alike.

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