Drill: The Louver Cut

By Kyle Stephens

There are a variety of roof cuts that can be performed when opening up a dwelling vertically. Knowledge of these different types of cuts and which cut to use dependent on flat roofs vs. peaked roofs or plank decking vs. plywood roofing material is essential when operating on the roof.

This drill looks at the “louver cut” and some advantages to this type of cut. First, the roof decking is not completely pulled off or pushed through the dwelling where it could injury members operating underneath the cut. Second, you have the ability to louver the roof decking in either direction based on wind direction. The advantages to this cut outweigh the disadvantage of making a couple extra cuts. This cut is ideal in older urban settings where there are flat roof row homes. The step-by-step procedure for this particular vertical roof cut is outlined in this drill.

Download this week’s firefighter training drill as a PDF HERE (10 MB).

KYLE STEPHENS in an emergency vehicle driver for the Baltimore City (MD) Fire Department and assistant chief for Ashburn (VA) Volunteer Fire and Rescue. He is also an instructor for Traditions Training LLC (http://traditionstraining.com/).



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