Driver Rescues Children from School Bus Fire in Orange County (FL)

A school bus was badly damaged by fire near Rosemont Elementary School, in Orange County,

School officials are praising the actions of the bus driver, whom they are calling a hero.

Several dozen students had to be rushed from the bus before fire gutted it from bumper to bumper, eating up the padding and exposing the steel.

A parent, Kelly Sutherland, said she was walking her kindergartener to school when she saw the bus burning.

“The flames just started getting bigger and bigger. There was smoke going up, but mainly the back was engulfed in flames, and it started to catch the rest of the bus on fire,” she said.

“She told me that the bus just stalled, the engine stopped running and it just started smoking,” said Etopia Williams, whose niece was on board when the smoke started.

The bus driver said he heard a pop and saw smoke, so he quickly evacuated the bus, according to a transportation supervisor.

Everyone was safely removed from the bus, and the driver was back on the job with a replacement bus in the afternoon.

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