Elderly Couple Rescued by Off Duty FDNY Firefighter

Steven Carl, an off-duty FDNY firefighter, rescued an elderly Staten Island couple from the balcony of their burning apartment on Christmas night, according to reports from NY1 and The New York Post.

The report indicated that Carl, a seven-year FDNY veteran, was returning home after celebrating the holiday at his parents’ home with his wife and children in their vehicle. Carl spotted flames at approximately 11:45 p.m. above the roofline not far from his home and proceeded to follow a trail of smoke to Atlantic Avenue discovering a two-family home on fire.

Carl quickly ran to the backyard and hoisted a ladder he found on the ground to the small second-floor balcony where the elderly couple, Robert Strafer, 78, and his wife Mary Strafer 61, and their cat stood stranded. After a few moments and difficulties with the ladder, all were brought to safety.

Click HERE to see a video report from NY1 regarding the incident.

View more details from reports from the New York Post and NY1.

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