Eliminating Hostile Interior Environments


Tempest Technology Corporation�s mission is the promotion of the use of air as a tool for eliminating hostile interior environments encountered by firefighters, rescue teams, industrial workers, and industrial contractors worldwide.

This mission will be accomplished by identifying opportunities where Positive Pressure Ventilation and other ventilation techniques can be applied to make a work or emergency environment safer and educating manufacturers, distributors, and end users.

A Complete Line of PPV Tools: Tempest offers the largest selection of gasoline, hydraulic and electric driven PPV blowers in sizes from 16” diameter to 60” diameter. Tempest also manufactures the Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVUTM) for Positive Pressure Ventilation of highway tunnels, underground train tunnels, and high rise buildings.

High-Rise Ventilation Tools: Tempest offers powerful 25,000 CFM PPV blowers for high rise and commercial structure ventilation. The 150,000 CFM Tempest Mobile Ventilation Unit is the most effective high rise ventilation tool because it can produce the air volume and pressure needed to quickly clear smoke and heat from upper floors.

Tunnel Ventilation Tools: In the event that a fixed ventilation system can not adequately control the smoke and heat, PPV applied with a Mobile Ventilation Unit can be an effective supplement. In the event that a tunnel has no fixed ventilation system, the mobile ventilation unit can provide the air movement needed to create a clear path of access for fire and rescue personnel and a clear path of escape for victims.

Airport Ventilation Tools: PPV can be applied to a variety of structures commonly found at airport facilities. The Mobile Ventilation Unit can quickly clear smoke and heat from large frame aircraft, passenger terminals, tunnels and other large structures at airport facilities.

Industrial Ventilation Tools: Large manufacturing facilities can be disrupted by a small fire or release of chemical fumes inside an assembly building. By applying PPV with a Mobile Ventilation Unit, the smoke can be cleared and production can resume in less time. Automobile manufacturing companies are among the largest users of Mobile Ventilation Units.

The Future of PPV: The newest addition to the Tempest PPV product line is the MVU-125. Featuring a carbon fiber impeller blade and a 100hp Ford engine, the MVU-125 generates over 120,000 CFM in a lightweight and a compact package. The compact design allows it to be mounted onto a truck, trailer or skid for fast and easy deployment.

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