EMS on the Front Line

Washington, D.C. – Since Sept. 11, 2001, the darkest day in the history of the fire service, our industry has undergone revolutionary changes. Some changes were immediate, others evolved more slowly, but all affect the ways we do our jobs and live our lives.

Threats of terrorism coupled with economic downturn contribute to the operational complexities confronting today’s emergency response systems. Other factors such as new industry standards, laws and technology are influencing decisions about many facets of system operation in the areas of fire suppression, rescue and emergency medical services.

In an effort to address these factors and the subsequent dangers and opportunities they bring, the IAFF will host the 2003 EMS in the Fire Service Conference “Emergency Response Systems: Building, Enhancing, Protecting.”

The conference begins on June 11 with a pre-conference workshop – FIRE OPS 101, conference registration, and the opening reception. The opening plenary session will begin on Thursday, June 12 at 8:30 a.m. This session will feature our keynote speaker, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona, as he addresses the state of public health in the in light of challenges from the health care delivery systems, the threats of terrorism, and the preparedness of local emergency response systems.

Jim Page, fire-based EMS pioneer and advocate, will host a special presentation on “Emergency Response Systems: The History that Built the Present and Protects the Future.” During the afternoon of the 12th and all day on Friday, June 13, participants will attend six different workshops chosen from a total of 20.

The final day, Saturday, June 14 will bring conference participants together again for a closing plenary session, featuring presentations by David Paulison, the U.S. Fire Administrator; and Jerome Hauer, Office of the Secretary of Public Health and Emergency Preparedness, as they deliver information destined to affect every emergency response system in North America. Finally, Dr. Frank Pratt will close the conference with a presentation on “Building, Enhancing, and Protecting: The All Hazards Responders.”

This Web site contains nearly all the information you need to make your plans to travel to Florida for this important event. For more information about the Conference, contact the IAFF’s Division of Technical Assistance & Information Resources at (202) 824-1594.


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