H.O.T.’s “Engine Company Essentials”: The “Total Package” of Engine Work

Students attending the new H.O.T. class “Engine Company Essentials,” on Monday and Tuesday, April 19-20 from 8a.m. to 5p.m., will be give a well-rounded view of engine operations and will explore the many facets of an efficient and effective company, says Lead Instructor: Engineer Anthony Piontek, Green Bay (WI) Fire Department.  “Whether it’s exploring and creating a district-specific design and layout of the engine, tackling water supply issues, or stretching and advancing hoselines, the team concept of the engine company and operational readiness are what make the difference between a good company and a great one,” he explains. “Engine Essentials” uses discussions and scenario-based hands-on evolutions that will engage the students in high-impact training evolutions to give them tools they can apply immediately upon returning to their firehouse.

The eight-hour format encompasses all aspects of previous Engine Company H.O.T classes conducted at FDIC, notes Piontek. “It explores the total package rather than a piece of engine work; focuses on competencies and operational readiness, teamwork, and service that is district-specific; and demonstrates how to maximize  the effectiveness of the engine and the company,” he adds. “Instructors will be those from past FDIC classes and from a wide variety of departments from across the country.  These instructors are the best in their field, have worked together for years, and are down to earth and approachable. They epitomize what FDIC is about,” Piontek points out.

Noting that engine operations are the heart and soul of the fire service, Piontek says: “.Every student, from the newest recruit to the seasoned officer can take something back from this class. A well-polished and experienced engine company creates a higher level of safety for everyone on the fireground. As a wise firefighter once said, ‘If you put the fire out, everything will get better.’” 

As for Piontek himself, he describes FDIC as “one of the best experiences a firefighter can have.”  He cites the thousands of exhibits and vendors at the Expo to the hundreds of classroom and hands-on training sessions. “There is definitely no conference that brings so much to one table,” he asserts. “It allows for a chance for one-on-one discussions with vendors, distributors, and instructors, as well as creates an enormous network of friends that will extend far beyond the week in Indianapolis.  FDIC is a truly amazing gathering of what makes up the fire service.”

Engine Company: Essentials NEW!

Lead Instructor: Engineer Anthony Piontek, Green Bay (WI) Fire Department

This new all-inclusive class on engine company operations actively engages students in practical hands-on evolutions and decision making concerning water supply alternatives, hose load options, stretching and operating the initial attack line, and how best to service their respective districts through tactical planning and operations. Water supply and hose load options that work in a variety of response situations will be examined, and students will advance lines as members of the attack team under various realistic situations, including residential, commercial, and multistory structure scenarios. They will have the ability and confidence to return to their departments and effectively assemble, train, and deploy as a member of an efficient engine company. With the added skills and disciplines received, they will be able to examine their department’s current procedures, suggest and effect positive change, and increase the level of tactical safety on the fireground through solid engine company competence.


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