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Podcast: Generation Engine: Sean Duffy

Todd Edwards and Anthony Rowett talk engine company operations and more with Sean Duffy.
MDFR firefighters put together a hose bundle

Video: Triple U Standpipe Deployment

This firefighter training video from Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue demonstrates how to configure and deploy standpipe bundles for limited space situations.
Baltimore four-alarm fire hangout discussion

Humpday Hangout: Engine Company Operations and Training

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Rick Riley and other members of Traditions Training talk engine work.
Miami-Dade FL firefighters stretch a hose load past obstacles

Humpday Hangout: Hose Load Configurations and Deployment Techniques

Mike Dugan, Bill Gustin, and the panel discuss hose loads and deployment techniques to stretch a hoseline upstairs, around corners, and past obstacles.
Indy firefighters respond to a vacant structure fire that injured five members

Quick Task Accomplishment: Engine Company Primary Search

Alexander Degnan looks at the best ways to prepare for, anticipate, and perform when conducting the all-important primary search as part of the engine.
hosebed on fire apparatus

Fast Forward: Water Supply for the Modern Fireground

If firefighters run out of water at the time that we need it most, everyone will suffer. Caleb Langer discusses water supply.
Firefighters flaking out hoselines on training ground

Firefighting Fridays: Hoseline Video Review and FDIC

Jeff Shupe and members of Strategic Fire Training review a video series on nozzles, considerations of two-inch hose, and the upcoming FDIC International 2021.
Ray McCormack

Tightrope Fire Attack

Ray McCormack discusses a pitfall for the engine company where temperatures rebound during fire attack. So how do we avert this?
Darryl Liggins and Dennis LeGear on Generation Engine

Podcast: Generation Engine: Darryl Liggins and Dennis LeGear

Host Anthony Rowett talks engine company work with guests Darryl Liggins and Dennis LeGear.
Psychiatrist talking to a combination nozzle

Drawn by Fire: Nozzle Therapy

The combination nozzle is still a powerful tool in the hands of those who know how to use it. More from Paul Combs.