Englewood (CO) Firefighters Say Last Goodbyes

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Sunday was bittersweet for firefighters in Englewood as the Denver Fire Department has officially taken over Englewood’s fire services, reports CBS Denver.

The Denver Fire Deparment has two stations close by that will now take over. Two other fire stations will now be filled with firefighters from Denver. City council members made the decision in February because of budget problems.

“Some of these people, I’m never, I probably won’t see again,”said Deputy Chief Dick Petau who had been with the Englewood Fire Department for more than 40 years. “Just having the whole thing sort of go away, it’s hard to describe”.

Now, after 108 years in service, Englewood Fire Station 21 is now Denver Fire Station 37. The Englewood Fire Department has gone from 58 firefighters down to 40, with a few retiring and moving to other departments. Most are transitioning into the Denver Fire Department.

“We’re really excited to welcome them to our family,” Melissa Taylor with the Denver Fire Department said. “They’re a great group of men and women who are going to serve not just the city of Englewood, but the citizens of Denver as well.”

Read more of the story here http://cbsloc.al/1I6jLeH

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