Entrepreneurial Start-Up Uses Kickstarter to Launch Its First Groundbreaking Product

3LS, Inc., an entrepreneurial start-up product, announces its GUTS tool brand, and its first product, Helmet Mount One (HM1). The start-up is raising capital by crowdsourcing on Kickstarter.com, a leading online source.

3LS was started by entrepreneurs Kris Nagy and Ed Machen. Kris Nagy is president responsible for sales and marketing. He is also a firefighter with 21 years of as experience as a first responder. Ed Machen, an industrial designer with 35 years of experience, is the creative engineer and will oversee production.3LS defines itself as THE go-to source for tools that matter.

The GUTS (General Utility Tool Systems) brand is a high-quality line directed at helmet/hard hat wearing “rst responders and construction workers. The GUTS brand will be built on multifunction products that offer great design, utility and value to the end users.

The HM1 is a unique product that allows a user to reliably mount a variety of devices on their helmet as they work. These devices range from a flashlight to a video camera to a knife to a tool to just about any object of less than 1 1/2” in cross-section. The HM1 is extremely useful, durable, and “reproof.

3LS will launch the Kickstarter HM1 campaign the first week of August 2013 with a goal of reaching $25,000 during the 30-day campaign. It will be easily found by searching GUTS HM1 at www.kickstarter.com. Everyone is invited to join in.


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