Euramco Group Expands Service Capabilities for RAMFAN PPV Fans

Euramco Group, a global company that produces innovative and reliable ventilators used by firefighters, roughnecks, and Navy damage control teams, has formally authorized Eastern Fire Equipment Services (EFES), an emergency equipment service company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as an Independent Service Partner for the Northeastern US.

“Finding the right, high-quality—and independent—service partner has been a challenge”, said Zach Allen, VP of Sales and Operations at Euramco Group, “We’re excited to find a partner in EFES, and look forward to continuously reduce lifecycle operational costs for our customers.”

Euramco Group is well-known in the fire service for high-quality PPV and confined space rescue fans. Battery-powered, ultra-lightweight, and high performance fans are part of the RAMFAN line of Fire & Rescue ventilators. To better serve their customers’ needs and seeking to further reduce life-cycle operational costs, Euramco is expanding its service capabilities to include both company-owned service centers as well as independent service partners in key regions of the world. Within the last 12 months, service points in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the U.S. have been established.

Euramco Group has remained in business for over 30 years by putting the customer first, whether in product design, sales, and lifecycle support. Outsourcing service is a decision that was carefully considered by the company. They went to great lengths in the scouting process to select a suitable independent service partner while further upholding the company’s value, which is ensuring service quality and enhancing customers’ trust.

Fortunately, EFES, which has years of experience in this service industry, serves as an ideal partner to fill the company’s gap. The highly skilled technicians repair a variety of equipment and provide responsive services to their clients. EFES, an authorized service partner for Cutter’s Edge and Firecom, is familiar with RAMFAN products and will seamlessly expand their service offerings.

In this partnership, EFES will focus on serving customers in the Northeastern US related to the maintenances, repairs and services for RAMFAN fans.

Both Euramco Group and EFES are looking forward to the partnership and to continuously enhance their customers’ experiences in the future. For RAMFAN product support, please contact Euramco Group at

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