Exam Changes Concern FDNY Union President

For the first time in nearly half a century, there will be no competitive physical exam to qualify for the job of New York City firefighter.

While there will be a test to confirm candidates meet certain minimums, being better able to meet the job’s serious physical demands won’t help.

Fighting fires in New York is physically challenging. Firefighters wear bunker gear and carry tools that weigh up to 130 pounds. Imagine racing up 10 flights of stairs just to reach an apartment fire — and then you’ve got to go to work.

Of course, New Yorkers want smart and athletic firefighters. But the new FDNY entrance exam, tailored to address (Federal Judge) Garaufis’ demands, doesn’t measure athletic ability. And many question whether the written exam (which is solely responsible for candidate ranking) has any academic merit at all.

For more of this opinion piece, http://bit.ly/QdhbI7

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