Extrication Training On An Island

Firefighters in front of a fire apparatus.

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For most of us, we probably haven’t experienced what it’d be like to train on a small island. Take Eleuthera, an island in the Bahamas, lying 50 miles east of Nassau, for example. It had been over a decade since the central part of the island had a fire truck…that is until last month. Local residents collaborated their resources and with the assistance of the Palmetto Point Homecoming Committee, were finally able to bring their dream of having a working fire truck to reality.

As you can imagine, without having a fire truck for the longest time, the central part of the island was lacking in proper safety standards and equipment training, both vital components in the fire service.

Having visited Eleuthera multiple times before, our own retired Chief Paul J. Conway (Milwaukee FD) along with fellow brothers, Captain Kevin Bross (Providence FD) and Chris Brown (retired Providence FD), came together to provide free, hands-on extrication training to the central island.

Check out the team in action via this video. A special thanks goes out to the Men of Faith Volunteer Group who will help oversee the maintenance of the fire truck and equipment. Also, thanks to David Barlyn of Pineapple Field Resorts for the wonderful hospitality.

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