Family Located After Texas House Fire

A house in Northeast Bexar County burned early Monday while the family who lives there was in Houston, reports

The family was initially unaccounted for after the fire, causing neighbors to panic. They told firefighters a man named Chester Dominguez lived in the other house with his two fifth-grade children, Sabrina and Ernest Dominguez.

The family took the bus to Houston on Sunday morning, said neighbor Beverly Allen, 63. Allen said she was supposed to pick them up at the bus stop Sunday afternoon but forgot. She said she was not sure how or if the family came home, but said the children’s backpacks were still in her car.

The fire started just before 3 a.m., said Craig Roberts, the Bexar County Fire Marshal. A gas line had ruptured in the house next door, but investigators are still determining whether that caused the fire, Roberts said.

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