FASNY Creates Firefighter Health and Wellness Resource

The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) believes “A Healthy Firefighter Is Everyone’s Fight.” In an effort to bring attention to the vital issue of wellness for first responders, FASNY has created an accessible resource to address critical issues firefighters can face.

Rooted in FASNY’s main website, the Health and Wellness page provides information about heart conditions, mental health, after-trauma care, wellness benefits, and a host of other issues that affect FASNY members. The Health and Wellness page gathers the information in a central database, making it easy for firefighters, their families, and departments to locate.

Available resources and tools include:

·         Cancer & the Fire Service

·         Fighting Fires and Beating Cancer

·         Take Care of Your Department Members after Trauma

·         Survey: Many Firefighters Putting Love of Firefighting Above Health, Safety

·         Firefighting and Death from Cardiovascular Causes

“Becoming educated in health and wellness are critical steps for firefighters to take to ensure their own personal safety when responding to emergencies. This FASNY resource is important not only for individual firefighters but also valuable for their departments and loved ones to utilize,” according to FASNY President Robert McConville. 

For FASNY’s Health and Wellness resources at your fingertips please visit: http://www.fasny.com/category/wellness/.

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