Faulty Electrical Cord Caused Fire That Killed Two Texas Firefighters

Bryan (TX) Fire Chief Randy McGregor said that investigators have determined that the weekend fire that killed two firefighters was accidental and was sparked by a faulty electrical cord running from a fan, reports the Bryan-College Station Eagle.

McGregor said the fire started in the kitchen and that the cord was running from a fan in the dining area to the kitchen.

The Friday night fire at the 68-year-old building claimed the lives of firefighters Eric Wallace, 36, and Greg Pickard, 54. Firefighter Ricky D. Mantey Jr., 30, and probationary firefighter Mitchel Moran, 21, remain in serious condition at a Galveston burn unit.

McGregor saidthat the injured men were walking, talking and able to hug their families. The severity of their injuries has not been made public, and McGregor declined to comment at the press conference.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/Wb4j7y

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