Faulty Wiring Likely Sparked Deadly Iowa Fire

Investigators believe faulty wiring in a living room light was the likely cause of a fire that killed four family members in Lake City (IA), reports KCRG.

Killed in the fire at 703 Illinois Street were Tyra Pierson, 22, and her 11-month-old son Xavier, Madison Pierson, 8, and Wyatt Pierson, 3.

Lake City Police Chief Bobby Rist said one of his officers on patrol overnight noticed smoke coming from the south edge of town.

“From a block away I could see that the residence was on fire. There was flames coming out of the north side window of the residence,” said Dana Cook, Lake City police officer.

Rist said the officer tried to get inside the home but couldn’t because of the smoke and flames.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/QHqHIf

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