FCC Mandate Makes Some Lauderdale County (MS) Firefighter Pagers Obsolete

Lauderdale County invested nearly $400,000 last year to purchase new fire department radios that meet federal requirements only to find that the equipment won’t page out firefighters as expected, reports ClarionLedger.com.

Now the county’s fire district, with 16 volunteer fire departments, 21 fire stations and some 350 personnel, is faced with the possibility of purchasing new pagers before Dec. 31, when many of the old pagers will no longer work, Lauderdale County Fire Service Director Allan Dover said.

“At this point we do not know how many new pagers we will need,” Dover said. “We are going from department to department taking inventory. We may have to purchase 100 pagers, or we may only need 50. We just don’t know at this point.”

At Long Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue, for example, only six of the department’s 23 firefighters have pagers that will work on the new frequency.

Dover said he was given a ballpark estimate of about $4,700 to purchase 10 pagers.

Read more of the story here http://on.thec-l.com/HxIMWa

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