FDIC 2002 Classroom Sessions

FDIC Tracks/Panel Discussion

FDIC Classroom Sessions

FDIC is the greatest fire and emergency services conference in the world. That’s not us talking-that statement comes straight from the mouths of FDIC attendees.

Since 1996, Fire Engineering and FDIC have continually raised our benchmark of training excellence. Why? Because we have listened to you. Your input, your expectations, and your needs have guided us in our pursuit of excellence.

2002 will be no different: We’re putting together a 150-session, applications-oriented classroom program that’s second to none and covers the full spectrum of fire service training.

We add to your skill sets by providing lessons learned from the most experienced, progressive members of the fire service in North America, upgrading your knowledge in:

  • Suppression, the core mission of every fire department
  • Training, the lifeblood operational effectiveness
  • Leadership, which gives us the motivation and life-skills to keep moving forward
  • Management, which lays a foundation for a solid organization
  • Fire Prevention and Protection, which recognizes the firefighter as a life safety specialist
  • Safety and Health, because firefighting is the most dangerous occupation in the world
  • Terrorism Response, the growing modern threat
  • Technology, which supports the arsenal of your mind
  • Technical Response, in the areas of Rescue, Haz Mat, and EMS.

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