FDIC: The Art of Go/No-Go!

The toughest and most impactful decisions you make in your career typically will revolve around committing to an interior attack or choosing another route. Seasoned officers know the difference between “We can get it” and “It’s lost.” All firefighters should as well. Using a simple framework that allows students to build on their experiences and those of others, the instructor will guide the students in developing an intuitive approach that will grow with them throughout their careers. The goal is to create a framework of four profiles–Rescue, Fire, Building, and Tactical–which will allow students to keep focused on their decisions, to draw on what they’ve learned, and to react to changes in the dynamic fire environment. Students will leave the class with a tool they can use for drilling their troops and for continuing to grow in their capacity for making successful fireground decisions.

Fire Engineering/YouTube

Seattle (WA) Fire Department Captain Mike Gagliano presented “The Art of Go/No-Go!” at FDIC 2014.

MIKE GAGLIANO has more than 30 years of fire/crash/rescue experience with the Seattle (WA) Fire Department and the United States Air Force. He has written numerous fire service articles and is coauthor of the book Air Management for the Fire Service. He is a member of the Fire Engineering, FDIC International, and the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute advisory boards. He retired from Seattle as a captain.


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