FDIC Tracks/Panel Discussion

Terrorism Preparedness Track
Terrorism: It’s a growing threat for the fire service. FDIC 2002 will present an educational track on preparing for and responding to terrorist attacks-explosions, fire, chemical, biological, and nuclear-for the frontline firefighter, the company officer, the training officer, the line chief, and the upper level chief. What resources do we need in the firefighting arsenal? What defensive measures do we take? What tactics do we employ? How do we organize an effective integrated emergency response? How can we target political avenues for funding? These and other issues will be explored.

World Trade Center Collapse Analysis: Special Panel Discussion
Experts in high-rise construction, performance codes, and high-rise firefighting will present an analytical look at the vast implications of the WTC collapse for the firefighting, engineering, and life safety communities.

WTC Disaster Track
FDIC 2002 will include a special educational track on critical aspects and lessons learned from the World Trade Center disaster, presented by members of FDNY. FDIC salutes members of FDNY who have contributed so much of their time, knowledge, and experience as FDIC instructors, including: Ray Downey, Andy Fredericks, Billy McGinn, Chris Blackwell, Dana Hannon, Jerry Tracy, Mark Wesseldine, John Grasso, John Salka, Mike Ciampo, Phil McArdle, John Norman, Rich Blatus, Marty Monaghan, John O’Connell, Mike Davis, Steve Gillespie, Nick Giordano, Fred LaFamina, John Cerillo, Harry Lee, Tim Klett, Ray McCormack, Frank Montagna, Greg Einsfeld, Mike Dugan, Don Hayde, Sal Marchese, Bob Pressler, Mike Cogan, Bob Knabbe, Bob Athanas, Jim Ellson, Tom Brennan, Nick Visconti, Jim Murtagh, Vince Dunn.

FDIC Classroom Session Descriptions

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