Changing the Culture of Safety in the Fire Service

By Ron Siarnicki, Richard Gist

 Changing the Culture of Safety in the Fire Service

What if there were one simple thing you could do to make a major shift toward a safety culture in your fire department? There is, and it’s something you already do almost instinctively. Ron Siarnicki and Richard Gist discuss the relationship between firefighters’ attitudes and behaviors and how consistent and systematic After-Action Reviews can promote a culture of safety in the fire service.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Outline the components of “culture” as it applies to the fire service.
  2. Discuss the relationship between attitude and behavior
  3. Identify the main components of the Theory of Planned Behavior and apply them to creating cultural change.
  4. Conduct a basic “hot wash” following company-level operations.
  5. Explain the implications of consistent and systematic After-Action Review (AAR) for promoting a culture of safety.

Download this course as a PDF HERE.

NOTE TO READERS: Fire Engineering University no longer exists. These courses are provided for firefighter training and educational purposes only.

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