FF Smoke Inhalation Caused Life Saving Change in Arkansas

Two years ago we had a residential structure fire and two people were trapped. The first in engine and truck company made entry and found two female victims on the floor and unresponsive. A Captain from the department found a victim and was attempting to remove her when he turned his head to look behind him and caught his face-piece on stacked belongings (the owners were hoarders) which pulled his face-piece off, and he took a breath of the toxic and superheated smoke. He and his crew continued to remove the victims and they were transported to the ER. The Captain remained on scene refusing treatment because he “felt fine.” It was several minutes later that the Captain felt ill and he was taken to the ER for an evaluation. The two victims initially survived but one passed away several weeks later. Our Captain, however, was out for 10 months and in and out of the hospital for treatment. Read the Full Story.

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The Coalition takes hundreds of calls during any given week – with many of you sharing great stories, significant change, challenges with change, new SOGs and much more.  Last month, an article written by Jim Gray, Bolingbrook Fire Department, was featured which surrounded a Cyanokit save.  That article has had a tremendous amount of traffic, so the instructors have decided they need to hear from you.  This week, we have yet another firefighter sharing departmental change when one of their own suffered a severe smoke inhalation injury.

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