Firefighters Fall into Fire at Toronto (Canada) Fire

Two firefighters were injured early Monday when they fell from a neighboring structure’s roof and into the flames that were tearing through a historic three-story abandoned building in Toronto, Ontario.

One firefighter was able to transmit the mayday using his radio, but for several minutes no one at the fire scene knew if the second firefighter was alive or dead after the pair plummeted one or two stories into the fire.

Both firefighters were located and pulled up out of the burning building using hoses. They were treated for minor injuries at area hospitals and released. Two other firefighters suffered minor injuries during the rescue operations.

The burned building has been vacant since April after a partial wall collapse. One hundred and twenty five firefighters responded to the fire, which began around 4 a.m.. An investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

Read more from The Toronto Sun HERE.

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