Fire Department Launches Special Event Emergence Response Team (SERT)

Chicago, IL – Chicago Fire Department (CFD) Commissioner Cortez Trotter introduced a new Special Events Emergency Response Team (SERT). The SERT initiative will strengthen emergency response at all City of Chicago major special events.

“Over the years, the services CFD has provided at every event have been of the highest level, but we can always do better. We must continue to find ways to even better protect and serve our people. SERT will work to strengthen our existing services. Simply put, we are adapting our emergency response and safety standards to meet the needs of an increasing number of event attendees.” Said Fire Commissioner Trotter at the Blues Fest in Grant Park.

“Our city events are growing every year. These larger crowds also cause greater congestion making it difficult for regular ambulances, trucks and engines to get to those in need. Therefore, we must use vehicles that can maneuver through crowds and bring medical attention to injured victims or fire suppression to a fire or a hazmat situation.”

The new SERT initiative will incorporate newly acquired SEGWAYs, Mini Response Vehicles (MRVs) and a Rehab, Emergency Shelter and Triage Tent.

SEGWAYs: Six new SEGWAYs will provide Basic Life Support by a team of paramedic. Each SEGWAY comes equipped the three pouches, which will contain First Responder medical equipment including an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and basic first-aid items.

Mini Response Vehicles (MRVs): Six new mini medical emergency & special support response vehicles. Two mini medical vehicles will be equipped with sirens and lights, stretchers, Advanced Life Support (ALS) medical equipment, a cardiac monitor and medications and they will function as mini ambulances. These will provide medical emergency support and transport, and will be staffed by two paramedics. One mini pumper will provide fire support suppression and hazardous material incidents. This mini pumper is equipped with a 60-gallon water and foam tank. Two mini utility vehicles will be used as special operations support for emergency incidents and one universal mini vehicle that can be converted to EMS or suppression functions.

The REST area or (Rehab, Emergency Shelter and Triage Tent) : This will be a new addition to all major events. Working in conjunction with the First-Aid trailer, the REST area is a fully equipped larger triage, treatment, and rehab area for civilians suffering from injuries that require medical attention at the scene of the event. This area will also serve as home base for the special event teams.

“As special events improve and evolve so will the Chicago Fire Department.”

SERT will help to even better protect all of the City of Chicago special event attendees and the general public.

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