Fire in Hayward (CA) Displaces 27 Residents, Forcing Some to Jump

There were some terrifying moments as ferocious flames sent families running for their lives in the middle of the night from a burning Hayward apartment building, reports KGO-TV San Francisco.

Neighbors warned other neighbors as the flames raced through the units, it was so bad, two people jumped from a second floor window, at the Whitman Green apartment complex.

There’s no good time for a fire, but 2:45 a.m. may be the worst and most dangerous time. More than two-dozen people were sleeping in eight units when flames erupted. The flames were huge, the smoke blinding, but somehow everyone made it out alive.

A baby escaped with her mother, while her father and uncle had to jump to safety.

“When she saw the smoke she crawled through the passage and after that she hold the baby and she slide all the way down to the steps. That’s how she was able to get the baby out,” said Shiv Maharaj, niece escaped fire.

“My sister was able to crawl down the stairs with the baby. But by the time me and my brother in law made it to the door it was too late. The smoke was already filling up the apartment. So we had to jump off the balcony,” said Ritesh Vhan, escaped fire.

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