Fire in Utah Home Leads to Discovery of Snakes

While extinguishing a residential fire, firefighters discover 28 snakes — six of them deadly — in a Utah man’s home, reports The Associated Press.

Firefighters arrived at a U.S. home to put out a blaze and discovered more than flames — 28 snakes, six of them deadly.

The man didn’t have a permit for the six venomous snakes — five rattlers and a gaboon viper — and he may face misdemeanor charges.

The viper, native to Africa, is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

The snakes were inside cages in a separate room and were removed as firefighters put out the kitchen blaze on Friday in Utah. All of the snakes survived.

“I don’t think firefighters were ever in danger from the snakes, except for the creep factor,” said North Davis Fire Chief Mark Becraft.

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