Fire Photographer Spotlight: Ron Jeffers


See some more of Ron Jeffers’s Fire Engineering cover photos, which capture firefighting operations in several locations in northern New Jersey.

March 1987 cover to Fire Engineering

March, 1987. “Newark Truck 7 (Seagrave tiller) operating on old commercial building in East Orange. Heavy fire,” Ron said. “One East Orange (NJ) firefighter was killed.”

September 1988 cover of Fire Engineering: The Hackensack Ford fire

The September 1988 cover is from the tragic Hackensack Ford Fire, in which five firefighters were killed when a bowstring truss roof collapsed. Ron also captured the city’s most recent remembrance of these line-of-duty deaths HERE.

June 1989 cover of Fire Engineering

The June 1989 cover is one of Ron’s favorites. “This shows two members retreating down Union City (NJ) 3 Truck’s aerial as flames blew out upper floor windows,” said Ron. “It’s my city and you can see ‘Union City’ on side of the rig. This happened on a day with water pressure problems and a tanker from Jersey City was used.”

Jersey City Deputy Chief Denis Oneal and other firefighters at the scene of a fire.

The August 1990 cover has Jersey City (NJ) Deputy Chief Denis Oneal, who is now the Superintendent of the U.S. National Fire Academy. 

“I was honored by being mentioned in a Thanksgiving editorial one year by Tom Brennan,” Ron said. “He gave thanks to all who helped him with Fire Engineering including photographers like me…He was a good guy.”


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