Fire Blog Roundup: Complacency, Small-Unit Leaders, and Government Shutdowns

Read some recent posts from our featured contributors, including new commentary on professional development from Assistant Fire Chief Nicholas Christensen of Federal Fire Ventura County, California.

Benjamin Martin

Complacent…or Actively Disengaged?

Benjamin Martin considers what can be done about lousy attitudes in the firehouse.    

Dustin Martinez

Our Equation

It’s hard to measure the human factor on the fireground, and even harder to explain it. Read commentary from Dustin Martinez. 

J. Bonfield

Is Morale a Reliable Indicator of Leadership Success?

By using morale as an indicator of success, we subject ourselves to inconsistent feedback based on emotion and personal bias, writes Troy J. Bonfield.    

Nick Salameh

Government Shutdowns and Increased Public Safety Vulnerabilities

Nick Salameh on how firefighters should try to predict the vulnerabilities a government shutdown can bring and find ways to prepare and practice for them. 

Inching Closer to Agreement

Mark Cotter offers his thoughts on integrating fire dynamics research findings into tactics.

John K. Murphy


Preventing Legal Fires: Not All Speech Is Free

As a firefighter or public safety government employee, what are your free speech rights under the First Amendment? John K. Murphy has an overview.


Nicholas Christensen

Self-Improvement for the Modern-Day Firefighter

In today’s ever-changing fire service, it is important more than ever before to stay engaged. Nicholas Christensen discusses career development.

The Golden Rules for a Small Unit Leader

In all that you do, look out for your people and remember where you came from, writes Jarrod Sergi. 

Mauro Porcelli

The New Year: Time for Change

Mauro Porcelli urges you to take a long, hard, honest look at yourself to determine what you can do to improve the lives of the people around you.

Jeremy Perrien

  A Job or a Title?

Yes, some folks are just in it for the T-shirt. Jeremy Perrien writes about how to factor this in when recruiting for volunteer fire departments.


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