Fire Blog Roundup: Vehicle Fires, Reliance, and #MeToo in the Fire Service

See some of the recent posts from our featured contributors, including Jim Wick on leadership and John K. Murphy on #MeToo and its impact on the fire service.

Chris Baker

National Fire Heritage Center

The ultimate role of a firefighter is to leave a mark on the system, not just a memory.” Chris Baker shares this quote from Ronny J. Coleman and discusses his visit and new role with the National Fire Heritage Center. 

Nick Salameh

Vehicle Fire Refresher

Like structure fires, vehicle fires are opportunities that invite complacency. Nick Salameh on not letting your guard down on these incidents.

Jim Wick

There Are No Chief-Sized Fires!

At what point should a chief or senior officer assume command on scene? Jim Wick shares an anecdote and some perspective.

Scott Ferguson

Redefining Strong

Spending time with true friends and family can breathe life into your spirit and make you a better person and employee. Scott Ferguson on firefighter well-being. 

Benjamin Martin

Rethinking Leadership: The Use and Abuse of Power

We’ve all likely seen bosses abusing power, but when leaders exercise power appropriately, it can push teams and organizations to new heights. More from Benjamin Martin.    


In Other News, Working Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Andy Marsh reflects on some fire prevention lessons for Fire Prevention Week.

Mark Lamplugh

Married to a Firefighter with PTSD?

When you wed a firefighter, you marry into the “brotherhood” and get everything that comes along with it. Some advice from Mark Lamplugh.

Jeremy Perrien

Maintaining the Aggressive Firefighter

Every firefighter wants to be a good firefighter, but sometimes we must ask: Is good enough really good enough? Read a new commentary from Jeremy Perrien.

John K. Murphy

Preventing #MeToo Legal Fires

Sexual assault against women and even men is as old as time itself. John K. Murphy discusses fire leaders’ obligations in protecting firefighters from such assaults.

‘I’ Is for Ventilation

Mark Cotter offers his thoughts on fire service research and tactical ventilation.

Dave McGlynn

The Power of Reliance

The ability to rely or depend on someone else exposes qualities in a leader, writes Dave McGlynn.

Putting the Public Back in ‘Public Service’

Keep the doors open, be out training so the public can see you, and serve as role models in your community, says Aaron Moss.


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