Fire Blog Roundup: Instinct, Pride, and Ventilation

Read some recent contributors’ posts on the Fire Engineering site, including pieces from Doug Mitchell, Sean Gray, Kevin Burns, Adam Hansen, and more.

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Doug Mitchell

The Sixth Sense

Many times when it “doesn’t feel right,” it isn’t. Trust your instincts, says Doug Mitchell. 

What About the ‘E’ in VEIS?

Sean Gray looks at the VES vs. VEIS debate, mnemonics, and more.

Worth Dying For?!

Putting the public “first” is the correct approach, but putting firefighters “second” does not make our welfare inconsequential, Mark Cotter argues.

Clay Magee

Choosing a Standpipe Pack

Clay Magee shares a few attributes you may want to consider when deciding what fold to use.


A.J. Hansen

Put Your Pride Aside!

Adam J. Hansen on finding ways of bridging the old generation with the new to assemble the strongest fire service possible.


Robert Owens

Leadership Tunnel Vision

 Make sure you are engaged, and investing in your shift or station every day, and beware the signs of leadership tunnel vision, writes Robert Owens.

Kevin Burns

How a Ventilation Meme Went ‘FDNY Viral’

Kevin Burns shares an image that drew an impressive number of responses from the likes of Vincent Dunn, John Salka, John Ceriello, and more.

Clay Magee

Watered-Down Standards

“Standards should not be lowered for members already in the field.” Read a commentary on firefighting physical fitness standards from Clay Magee.

John K. Murphy

Diversity in the Fire Service

Departments are more likely to be sued by internal rather than external customers. John K. Murphy on how addressing diversity can help.

Mark Lamplugh

Dealing with Repeated Trauma

Mark Lamplugh looks at the impact of incidents such as the Las Vegas mass shooting and the psychological well-being of responders.

Changing Too Fast?

Mark Cotter discusses the changes inspired by fire dynamics research.





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