Fire Blog Roundup: Standpipes, Drivers vs. Operators, and the Vacant Mentality

Standpipe operations were on the minds of our featured commentators these past few weeks. Read posts on the subject from Brian Brush and Clay Magee, along with thoughts on the driver-operator position from Jarrod Sergi, abandoned buildings from William Brandon Lewis, and more.

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Clay Magee

Standpipe Ops: Small Talk About a Big Subject

Clay Magee has some perspective on NFPA 14 and standpipe operations.


Are You a Driver or an Operator?

Many have heard the saying that there are drivers and there are operators. Jarrod Sergi on the distinction and what it means to your operations.

Brian Brush

The ‘Standard’ Approach to Standpipe Operations

What are some of the recommended practices for fire department operations in properties protected by sprinklers and standpipes? Brian Brush takes a closer look.  

Passion vs. Pragmatism

Mark Cotter addresses some of the criticism directed at his previous column on firefighter safety.

The Vacant Mindset

Abandoned structures are a part of almost every community in this country, but “abandoned” and “vacant” are two very different things. Read more from William Brandon Lewis.


George McNeilFour Reasons Why Mentorship is Essential in Fire/EMS

George McNeil discusses the critical role of the mentor in the fire service.  


Clay Magee

Standpipe Ops: The Great Nozzle Debate

Clay Magee looks at the smooth bore vs. combination debate in the context of standpipe operations.


Chad Menard

Engine Co. Riding Assignments

If you are waiting until you get to the fire to start telling who to get what, you’re way behind, writes Chad Menard.

John K. Murphy

Firefighter Concussions

John K. Murphy examines how the increased awareness about injuries to the head may impact the fire service.

Clay Magee

Standpipe Packs: Denver vs. FDNY

Clay Magee takes a closer look at two of his favorite folds.

The First Twenty

Fitness: Flow Path

Writing for ‘The First Twenty,’ Jordan Ponder describes how unsafe patterns of movement can take their toll on firefighters.

Mark Lamplugh

Hanging Up the Helmet

As a firefighter, are you prepared–financially, physically, and emotionally–for retirement? Mark Lamplugh shares some thoughts.


Thomas J. Kuglin Jr.The Keyboard Drill

Thomas D. Kuglin Jr. discusses the art and finesse of turntable control operations.



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