Fire Blog Roundup: Blame, Accountability, and Fast Water

Review some recent posts from featured contributors on the Fire Engineering Training Community site, including Adam Hansen on blame in the fire service, Ron Kanterman on this year’s NFFF Memorial program, and more.

Matt Beakas

Personal Accountability

Matt Beakas discusses the need for individual responsibility in the volunteer fire service.

Nick Salameh

Saving Our Own

It’s not just RIT: Nick Salameh talks about the need for firefighters to help save their brothers and sisters while off duty, as well.

J. Bonfield

Circumstances + or – Attitude = Character

As leaders, how we respond to circumstances is determined by our attitude and is a direct reflection of our character. Commentary by Troy J. Bonfield.    

Mark Lamplugh

Injured on the Job and Now Addicted to Pain Meds

Mark Lamplugh looks at a problem some members are facing regarding pain medication.


Fastest Water Wins

Everybody knows you need water to control fire, and faster control of fires benefits everyone. Read a commentary piece from Mark Cotter.

You Can’t Lose with the A-Team Sitting Next to You

Ron Kanterman looks back at this year’s National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend.    

The Blame Game

Why are we so compelled to point the finger at a single person, company, or shift when something isn’t perfect? A new commentary from Adam Hansen.


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