Fire Blog Roundup: Fire Attack, Criticism and Rumors, and the Minuteman Load

Among this set of recent commentary pieces are Casey Clinkscales on the role of the senior firefighter, Nick Halmasy on talking and stress, and Chad Menard on the Minuteman load.

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Casey Clinkscales

The Senior Man

The measurement of a leader comes from how many people you have helped become successful. Read more from Casey Clinkscales.


John K. Murphy

The Legal Year in Review

John K. Murphy looks back at some of the legal hazards that firefighters have dealt with in 2017.


UL Fire Attack Study

Mark Cotter welcomes the recently released research from UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute’s extensive experiments.


Freddie Batista

eLearning: Preparing for 2018

Freddie Batista discusses eLearning design and development cost analysis.


John Lovato Jr.

Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

John Lovato Jr. talks about cultivating the daily habits and discipline you need to get you closer to your goals.


What a Year

Ron Kanterman looks back at some of the major news and changes in the fire service industry this year, including the passing of Alan Brunacini.    


Chad Menard

The Modified Minuteman Load

Chad Menard takes a closer look at this popular hoseload.


Clay Magee

The 2.5-inch Encase Inline Gauge

Clay Magee looks at one of the most important pieces of equipment in your tools for standpipe operations.


John Lovato Jr.

Dealing with Criticism and Rumors

Don’t always get worked up at other people’s opinions, writes John Lovato Jr.


Nick Halmasy

The Subtle Art of Talking

Talking may be more difficult than you thought. Nick Halmasy has some tips on improving your communication skills. 


Cowards and Morons

Mark Cotter continues his exploration of the ongoing debate on fire research and tactics, touching on seeing past labels.



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