Fire Blog Roundup: Christmas, Acronyms, and Close Calls

In case you missed it, check out some recent posts by our featured contributors, including new ones from Mauro Porcelli, author of Surviving the Firehouse.

Mauro Porcelli

Close Call in Orlando

Mauro Porcelli shares some info about a close call for firefighters in Florida.

Chris Baker

The Future Department of Defense Firefighter

The standards firefighters are held to are well above traditional standards for many professions. But how do you obtain a position as a firefighter? Chris Baker has an overview of DoD firefighting. 

Billy Greenwood

The Fire Chief/CEO Mindset

As a chief, are you wasting too much time on day-to-day business and not spending enough on higher-level strategy? Billy Greenwood on leadership and putting forth a vision for your department.

Priorities and Tactics: Apples and Oranges

When engaged in an activity where seconds count, lives hang in the balance, and there is little margin for error, choosing the correct initial action is critical. Read more from Mark Cotter.


It’s Christmas. New Guys, Step Up.

if you’re a new firefighter without kids of your own and step up to work the day for a senior member who does have kids, it will not be forgotten, writes Adam Hansen.

John K. Murphy


Preventing Legal Fires 2018: Year in Review

John K. Murphy takes a look at some of the legal issues fire departments faced in the past year.

Mauro Porcelli

Save Your Firehouse!

If you want to lose control of your station, your crew, and everything you’ve worked for, then let a rogue fireman take control of your firehouse without any regard for your authority or anyone else’s well-being. Read commentary from Mauro Porcelli.


Nick Salameh


Alphabet Soup

The fire service is filled with an alphabet soup of acronyms many of us are aware of. Nick Salameh on navigating the firefighter’s “Alphabet Soup.”

J. Bonfield

Build Trust Before Making Changes

In this new commentary, Troy J. Bonfield shares some additional leadership lessons learned.    

Jonah Smith

The New Generation

Every generation complains about the generation after them. Jonah Smith offers his perspective on training the “new generation” of firefighters.

Dale Pekel

We Lost Another

When it comes to suicidal ideation, nobody wants to feel as if they are crying wolf—but no firefighter should feel that way. Dena Ali reflects on firefighters and suicide.

Clay Magee

SMA Dailey’s Top 10 to Sergeant Majors Applied to the Fire Service 

Clay Magee channels Daniel A. Dailey, Sergeant Major of the Army, in some advice for firefighters.




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