Fire Blog Roundup: Elections, Interior Search, and Power Lines

In case you missed it, check out a recent roundup of some posts from our contributors in February 2019.

J. Bonfield

So You Want to Be a Company Officer

The company officer not only provides company level leadership and development, but when done well they add value to the lives of their crews, writes Troy J. Bonfield.    

John M. Buckman

There Is Life After Being Unelected as a Volunteer Fire Chief

Turn any negative energy into positive actions, writes John Buckman.

Billy Greenwood

Is Your Department Ready for the Invasion of Gen Z?

We’ve focused a lot of leadership training on understanding Millennials in the firehouse, but now it’s time to look at the next generation, says Billy Greenwood.

Nick Salameh

Public Perception Is Everything

Do firefighters take public perception for granted? Nick Salameh looks at some recent episodes and how they underscore the need for firefighters to be worthy of the public’s trust. 

Power Lines and Breaker Boxes

Adam Hansen provides a tip for narrowing down your search for a home’s electrical services panel when confronted with “odor of electrical” and such calls.

John K. Murphy


Votes of No Confidence

Not all votes of no confidence go the way they were intended. John K. Murphy examines the legal aspects of these maneuvers.


Dave McGlynn

Networking for the Future Firefighter

Walk up to those who you aspire to be and ask them to help you with your success, says Dave McGlynn. 

Interior Search

In this commentary, Mark Cotter offers his opinion on flipping the survivability question.

Brian Brush

The Initial Attack Line: Uncompromised and Uninterrupted

Brian Brush shares a great series of definitions regarding “line” in the American fire service.


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