Fire Blog Roundup: Professionals, Uncommon Calls, and Time Distortion

Below you’ll find a roundup of some of our contributors’ writings from early March 2017, including Paul Rank on fire service professionals, David Polikoff on less-than-common response skills, and Joe Kitchen on spending some time with Fire Engineering columnist Alan Brunacini. There’s also Mark Cotter commenting on modern fire attack, Joe Pronesti on building construction and size-up, and David DeStefano on the plight of the new officer.

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Joseph Kitchen

Weekend with Bruno

Joe Kitchen details a recent meeting with fire service icon Alan Brunacini.

Put the Wet Stuff on the Hot Stuff

Mark Cotter comments on another wrinkle in the modern fire attack methodology.

Joe Pronesti

How the Year 1933 Can Help You Size Up a Type III Structure

Joe Pronesti on building construction.

Mark Lamplugh

S-T-R-E-S-S: Those Letters Can Kill Firefighters

Take care of yourself, writes Mark Lamplugh, and you will be better able to take care of your coworkers and the citizens we serve.

David DeStefano

When in Rome, Convert the Empire

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”…but what if the Romans have it all wrong? Another follower joining the ranks would just reinforce the negative, writes David DeStefano.

Paul M. Rank

Professionals: Walking the Talk

Anybody can be a firefighter, but the unfortunate reality is that not every firefighter is a professional, writes Paul M. Rank.

David Polikoff

The Not-So-Common Calls

Although the basics are critical to fireground success, we must not overlook the not-so-basic skills, says David Polikoff.    

Doug Mitchell

‘Two Minutes’

Perception of passing time can be distorted by stressors and friction points on the fireground. Doug Mitchell asks: How many times have you felt this?  


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