Fire Blog Roundup: Conflict, Pistol Grips, and Hose Stretch Training

Below you’ll find a roundup of some of our featured contributors’ posts from our community site, including Brian Brush on pistol grips, Adam Hansen on hoseline training, and more.

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The Two Sides of Conflict

A strong relationship may make those difficult conversations not as difficult, writes Jarrod Sergi.

Scrap The Pavement, Stretch The Station

The next time you and your crew are planning on stretching and advancing lines, ditch the idea of the same old open parking lot and use your station, writes Adam Hansen.

Robert Owens

Engine Co. Search: Ranch House

Life safety is the fire service’s Number One priority, typically accomplished by searching for victims inside fire buildings. Read more from Robert Owens.  

Brian Butler

Ventilating Attic Fires with Solar Panels

Brian Butler on dealing with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roofs in urban area housing.

John Lovato Jr.

Caring For Your People

John Lovato Jr. on how caring for your people can help you build a high-performing team.

John K. Murphy

Reasonable Suspicion

John K. Murphy discusses some of the legal aspects of firefighters and Fourth Amendment protections.

Just Bruno and Me

Bradley R Davidson offers his thoughts on the passing of fire service icon Chief Alan Brunacini.

Leigh Shapiro

Leadership: You Know It When You See it

What’s the secret behind highly effective fire crews? Leigh H. Shapiro shares some insights.

Brian Brush

Pistol Grips?

Brian Brush provides a detailed explanation as to why his program trains without them

Doug Mitchell

Is Your Team Bringing Home the Trophy Tonight?

For firefighters, every day is potentially game day, and we must be ready to play. Read more from Doug Mitchell. 

Inciting Bravery, Part 3

What is the cost vs. benefit of exposure to more danger? A commentary piece from Mark Cotter.


Thomas D. Kuglin

The Armadillo Effect

Thomas D. Kuglin Jr. on situational awareness and the “art of foreseeability.”




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