Fire Blog Roundup: Fire Service Maxims, Dinosaurs, and Cutting Roofs

Below you’ll find a roundup of some of the posts from our community members on topics ranging from leadership to fire service sayings and vertical ventilation.

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Clay Magee


The Bastardization of Fire Service Maxims

Clay Magee argues that some valid fire service sayings can be used to justify timidity on the fireground.

Mark Lamplugh

EMDR: An Approach to Combat PTSD

Mark Lamplugh looks at Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a therapy therapy that aims to change the way the disturbing thoughts affect a patient.


Robert Owens

Engine Co. Search: Split Level House

Robert Owens examines some of the details of this type of residential building.  

John K. Murphy

Avoiding High-Risk Legal Events

John K. Murphy addresses the need for fire service leaders to be aware of legal  responsibilities and liabilities.

Michael C. Reilly: ‘The Hard Charger Award’

Michael C. Reilly was a cherished member of the fire service family and we continue to honor him by commemorating his life. Adam Hansen has more of the story.

Chuck Wehrli

Are You a Dinosaur Officer?

We can and should set the example for our crew, writes Chuck Wehrli. 

Joseph Kitchen

An Open Letter to My 19 -Year-Old Rookie Firefighter Self, Written 28 Years Later

Joe Kitchen offers some perspective gained from experience.

Brian Butler

Chimney Fires

Chimney fires are rare events, which is why we should review our tactics for them every season to ensure a quick effective coordinated attack, writes Brian Butler.

Nick Salameh

Leadership by Example

The people who call us with their problems are not interruptions to our work, they are our work, writes Nick Salameh.

Vertical Ventilation Video

Mark Cotter discusses a video related to the practice of roof ventilation.

Cutting Roofs

In this commentary piece, Mark Cotter casts a critical eye on a longtime fire department practice.


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